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Entry Safety Requirements

  • Please come to your appointment alone.

  • There is no waiting area.

    • Please wait in your car and text me upon arrival.

    • Do not enter the salon until I come and get you.

  • Text: 408.917.9572

  • Masks are required for your entire visit. I am not responsible for damages to masks. 

  • No pets allowed in the salon.

  • Temperature will be taken prior to your appointment.

During your appointment

  • No drinks are provided. All bottles must be in a closed container.

    • Bring the bare minimum.

  •  No other form of contact unnecessary to the service.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available within the salon.

  • Smocks will be distributed. However, still keep in mind with what you wear. I am not responsible for damages that could occur to your clothing.

Forms & Payment

  • All credit cards/Venmo will be accepted.

  • Cash is discouraged but not limited to.

  • A Covid-19 liability form must be completed before the appointment.

    • To complete form now, click HERE