This isn't a "One Size Fits All"

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

A great hairstylist doesn't mean a great hairstylist for everyone...

This is a hard pill to swallow but it's the truth! And trust me, there are enough hairstylists to go around who'll fit your beauty needs as well as there are enough clients to go around for all hairstylists to cater to. It's not a competition. Abundance is everywhere and it's up to us decide who'll the best fit for us.

Client and I unintentionally matching outfits and energy.

Clients, don't be afraid to let your stylist know if something doesn't feel or look up to par during your appointment. More than likely, you'll be doing us a favor by humbling us which allows us to see what we could improve on for your next appointment and as well as our clientele as a whole. Your satisfaction is important and we value all inputs.

Stylists, do not feel like you need to continue servicing clients who aren't compatible with your style and business structure. You are in control and you decide who is deserving of your energy while sitting in your sacred work space. It's already enough that we have to stand 8-10 hours a day, accommodating to different personalities and not eating enough. Protect your energy, protect your space, and kindly decline them Karen's.

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